His name is José María Martínez-Bordiú y Bassó, but everyone knows him as Pocholo.


He is an aristocrat, economist, hospitality businessman, good uncle and Spanish media character. Famous, among other things, for his family ties and for his eccentric and histrionic appearances in the pink press and television shows.

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You may not remember, but it was during his time as a television face and reality show participant that he became best known to the general public.
In 2003 he appeared on Hotel Glam, a program in which he shared a confinement with celebrities such as Yola Berrocal, Dinio, Aramís Fuster or Malena Gracia.

In it, his backpack was his indefatigable companion … until someone broke it. His fury looking for the culprit became famous, but it never appeared who or how he caused that damage.


As a result of his participation in “Hotel Glam”, Pocholo began to collaborate in various television programs among which “Crónicas Marcianas” and “Tómbola” stand out.

In 2005, he entered the Antena 3 reality show “Aventura en África” replacing a contestant and a year later La Sexta trusted him to give him his own program: “Pocholo Ibiza 2006”, a documentary soap in which he showed his life on the Balearic island.

In this same channel he also starred in another docu-soap in 2007, “Pocholo 007, SDF (Sin Domicilio Fijo)”, a program in the same style as the previous one in which he was accompanied by Arancha Bonete.
After this, Pocholo’s appearances on television were no longer as constant as they had been, but in 2011 and 2013 he again participated in two reality shows on Telecinco: “El reencuentro” and “Summer Camp”.

Since then he has lived quite apart from public life and his appearances in the media have been recounted. In 2013, we saw him as a guest at a “Masterchef” dinner. In 2015, at the presentation in Madrid of the documentary “The architect of the night” by Ricardo Urgell, the founder of Pachá, about his life. At that time, Pocholo was working in communication for the Pachá group.

His penultimate television appearance was in October 2016 on the “First Dates” program, where he appeared as a guest and tried to seduce a Ukrainian model. However, this was not the last time we saw his name in the media.

In 2018 he granted an interview to Bertín Osborne for the program ‘My house is yours‘.