Étnica Ibiza 1



The conquest of Ibiza by the 18th Baron de Gotor became a cultural, soul, but also geographical conquest. First came the Greeks and Carthaginians, after them the Romans, then the Arabs and finally the Kingdom of Aragon. And with the birth of the Baronia de Gotor, back in the 12th century, a story begins to be written that reaches the childhood of Pocholo Martínez-Bordiú, whose grandfather took him by the hand to discover this small and beautiful Balearic island.

Ibiza, historically, is a descendant of the ancient world, as it was the Greeks who named Las Pitiusas. Thus, the artist enters the ancient tradition and prolongs it with his sculptures, uniting the past (the sculptural art) with the present (the Ibiza of the 21st century).

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